Wednesday, 3 July 2013

On writing my first songs

My songwriting started back in February – I'd had a couple of phrases going round my head for a while, I thought about writing them as a poem, however, after putting them down on paper, I realised they would work better as a song.
It was a couple of months before I plucked up the courage to actually show the song to anyone – I can be quite insecure, and I was fearful that people wouldn’t like the words, or that I’d unknowingly taken them from other songs.

Anyway, once I took the risk and let someone see it, they loved it!   (What was I worrying about…?!). Once I’d taken that step, another song followed hot on the heels of the first one and with the help of some of my church family to write the tunes – I had an idea of a tune in my head for both songs, but didn’t really know how to actually write tunes down, I still don't, although that's something I'm working on – we sang it through a couple of times, changed some words to help the verses to scan, and went from there.

We eventually got the songs ready to present to the congregation, which we did at the beginning of June – more of that another time……

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