Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Singing my songs for the first time

So, having written my first couple of songs, and sorted out the tune, we prepared to share them with our congregation.  I was being received into membership of Kirby Muxloe Free Church on 2nd June of this year, and it was agreed that we would introduce the songs at that service.

At this stage, I must say that there is no way I would have got this far without my friend Hayley Gask, to whom I first showed my songs, her encouraging words gave me the confidence to develop them further, and without Sarah Thomas and Emma Turner, who took time out in the run-up to their exams to help bring the tune out of my head and onto paper.  I am so grateful to them all.

Our minister, Bob Almond, announced to the congregation at the morning service that we were going to do a couple of songs “that we haven’t sung before” – I went up to the microphone and gave them a brief introduction, giving thanks as I did so for my friends who had all helped put the song together.

The first song we sang was Jesus O Jesus

Jesus, O Jesus, you gave your life for me,
Jesus, O Jesus, you died to set me free,
Jesus, O Jesus, you took away my sin,
Jesus, O Jesus, when you died and rose again.

You are the alpha and the omega,
You reign in heaven above,
You are the sunset and the morning,
O fill me with your love.


And when these days are over,
And life on earth has passed,
And in the new Jerusalem,
We will meet at last.

© KMFC Breathe 2013
We did this as an upbeat song, kind of a gospel style, as a celebration of who Jesus is, and what He has done for us.

That went down well, and we moved on to the next song, And In That Place

You forgave all my transgressions
You washed my guilt away
Your tender love surrounds me
Takes me to a better place

And in that place, I feel secure
Safe in your loving arms
And I’ll stay there forevermore
You’ll never let me go

While the darkness was surrounding me
Sin’s chains they held me bound
You reached your hand towards me
And guided me back home


Now my life can start anew
No longer bound by sin
You lift me up in your love
And I’m in that place again

Chorus x2
© KMFC Breathe 2013
This song was much slower, more reflective, focusing on God’s mercy, and how He never leaves us, and always brings us back to Him.

By the end, the congregation was joining in, which brought a tear to my eye to know that the songs had been so well received.

They even gave a round of applause, which was a bit embarrassing, especially as it’s not about me, but about bringing glory to Him.

Anyway, my journey as a Christian songwriter had begun…..

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