Sunday, 15 September 2013

Moving On

One of my church friends, Sarah Thomas, is going away to Durham University in a couple of weeks.
I'm going to miss her, she's become a good friend over the last couple of years, and I've enjoyed working on songs with her.

This started me thinking about changes that go in in our lives, and how we often move from one thing to another, and how this can seem scary. If we keep God in our minds at these times, He can help us to adapt to these changes, and show us why He has given us these new challenges.

These thoughts developed into a new song which I wrote with Sarah's leaving in mind, Moving On:
Leaving our familiar surroundings,
Going on to something new
New horizons,
New beginnings.

Leaving behind all the things we know
All the things we love so well,
Moving on, To the new things.

Wherever we go, God goes with us,
Whatever we do, He is there,
We can follow our dreams, wherever they take us
Because we know we’re in His care.

We don’t know what lies ahead for us,
We don’t know whatever will be,
As we move on, Go where He takes us.

With confidence and with strength
We can take it in our stride
Stepping out In faith.

We can face whatever is before us,
We can keep moving on and have no fear,
If we pray to God for the strength we need,
He’ll show us where the way is clear.
© KMFC Breathe 2013
We played this song at a praise service this morning, where it was well received.

I've also recorded a demo version:Link to Soundcloud

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  1. I was really sorry not to be at church this morning with you all and hear the song! I love the words [just listening to demo as I type this!!] xx