Wednesday, 2 October 2013

In times like these

Wrote this a while ago.  Not so much a song, more of a prose piece, talking about how the church can make a difference in our society.

In times like these, the Church can rise,
Rise to the challenge.
Society cries out for our help,
The homeless, the hungry
Factories are closed, food banks are opened
Those who have much are given more,
From those who have little, much is taken

Activate your Church, Lord
Have us speak with one voice
Your voice.
Not faith without action, but a living faith
Those without clothes and daily food,
Let us satisfy their hunger.

Motivate your Church Lord,
Have us go out into the world,
Have us show your love
By our deeds let your Church be known.

Let us speak to those on the margins of society
The addicts, the abused, those sleeping rough
We can give them practical help
Guide them to places they will be safe
We can help them turn their lives around

Let us speak to those in power
The decision makers
Those whose actions impact on society
Let us speak to them of your love
Have them act according to your will, Lord.

Let the hungry be fed, Lord
Let the homeless be homed.
Let society be mended, Lord

Let your kingdom come.


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