Saturday, 8 March 2014

A pause in Lent (1)

It may seem obvious to say that Lent falls in spring, but that's one thing I associate with Lent - the renewal of life in the garden.

(My little daffodils)
(A splash of colour)

 (Green shoots on my clematis)

This is just the start of the year's growth - my flower border will be a riot of colour come summer.
I always enjoy seeing the first shoots and blooms come through at this time of year - as we look forward to Easter and celebrating Jesus's resurrection, we can experience our own resurrection every year.


  1. My daffs have yet to bloom! Thanks for the reminder of the eternal truth of Easter resurrection

  2. Beautiful!! I love that the most important time if Christ's ministry takes places for us, in the UK, during the Spring so we see the beauty of rebirth and new life!

  3. Thank you for your kind message!!! It was really thoughtful of you to write that! Hope you are well!