Saturday, 8 March 2014

Being beacons

Last year, I, along with some of my friends, went to see Rend Collective – a great evening. Their last album was called Campfire, and during the evening, they spoke about the need for us to be campfires, providing light for people in this often dark world.
Inspired by this, I wrote the following lyrics:

We’ve got to be beacons on the hillsides,
A light to guide people back home,
Bringing them all to a place of safety,
Giving them refuge from the storm.

The people they cry out for justice,
The people they cry out in pain,
They need someone to care for them,
To release them from their chains.

We’ve got to be a light shining in the darkness,
Need to help the people see,
See the love that God has for all mankind,
See that they can be set free.

People are living in hunger,
They feel like nobody cares,
While we have more than we can eat,
Oh Lord, how is that fair?

We need to show the world your compassion,
Love the world as you love us,
We’ve got to tell the people of the One who loves them,
Got to tell them of your Son.

And with your spirit poured upon us,
Lord no power do we lack,
We’ve got to shout it from the rooftops, Lord,
We’ve got to bring your Kingdom back.

All around is fear and oppression,
People being broken down
Who is going to make a difference?
Who will turn their lives around?

We’ve got to rise up as one body,
Got to shake this world again,
We’ve got to be known as your people,
Got to keep carrying your flame.
© KMFC Breathe 2014

I didn’t do anything much with it until this last week or so, having signed up with the End Hunger Fast campaign, I realised that the verses fit well with their objectives, talking as they do about hunger & injustice – this inspired me to finish the song.

I’ve recorded a demo version on Soundcloud – just me & Eric, my trusty ukulele.

It still needs some more work doing to make it into the finished article, but I’m pleased with how it’s taking shape so far.

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