Sunday, 13 April 2014

A pause in Lent (6)

“Ride on, ride on in majesty,

In lowly pomp ride on to die”


On this Palm Sunday, we remember Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem – riding in to loud hosannas.  This contrasts with the events later that week, when He suffered death by crucifixion.


The expression “lowly pomp” has always resonated with me – Jesus, being surrounded by praise and celebration, knowing that within just a few short days he would humbly go to His death,


It is when we come humbly before God that He can do his best work in us – when we accept we can do nothing in our own strength, and that all we have comes from Him.


Whilst being part of the Pause In Lent series, I’ve learned about other peoples experiences, and how they come before God in their lives.


Floss – God was with you during your struggles, and He will continue to uphold you.

Kezzie – God is in the situation with your Granddad, and, whatever happens, you will all be in His care.


Some of my church friends are facing changes in their lives:


Emma – God will be with you as you complete your A levels and go off to University.

Hayley and Joe – God will always be the third person in your marriage

Abi – God will bless you as you build relationships with the young people at KMFC


If I may end with a quote from one of my own songs (hey, I’m allowed a little self-indulgence from time to time!):


“Wherever we go, God goes with us,

Whatever we do, He is there”.


Be blessed.


  1. Weird!!! I left a comment yesterday-what happened to it??? Thank you for your encouragement Gaz. It is over now but please pray for his soul x

  2. Thank you, Gaz - and I am very happy to see the quote from your song! Is it possible to hear it?