Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A weekend in London

Or, to put it another way...

We decided to spend Easter Weekend in London this year - we travelled down on Thursday morning, came back yesterday afternoon.

We hadn't been to London for a while - we try to go once or twice a year.  We like walking round, looking at the sights. Even travelling on the tube is part of the fun (one day, I'm going to take a selfie at Mornington Crescent!).

We saw a couple of shows, (of which more in future blogs), and spent Saturday taking my 2 nephews round London Zoo - great fun.

No matter how many times we go to London, there's always something new to do - this time, we visited Apsley House, home of the 1st Duke of Wellington and his descendants, and took a trip up the Wellington Arch - both properties owned by English Heritage.

Easter Sunday saw us celebrating at Methodist Central Hall - a wonderful communion service, with people of all nationalities - some of the traditional African dress was very striking.  In the afternoon we visited Tate Britain - I enjoyed the Turner and Constable exhibitions.

Monday saw us visiting the Churchill War Rooms - a fantastic exhibition, not only of the war rooms themselves, but a fascinating exhibition on the life of Churchill.

A few pics:

War memorial - Horseguards Parade

Current occupant of the fourth plinth, Trafalgar Square

Horseguards seen from Wellington Arch

View along Constitution Hill from Wellington Arch

Tour bus seen from Wellington Arch

London Eye and The Shard seen from (you guessed it) Wellington Arch

I loved this statue - a man holding up an elephant :-)

Saturday saw many events / street performances to mark Record Store Day - I took this pic of a banjo / ukulele band.


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Bob spoke at the Ladies Meeting at Central Hall back in 1982. I cannot possibly say what happened, here on the blog. Will whisper the details to you next week when we are back!!

  2. I will have to pick your brains - I'm going in June with 4 friends for two days after exams hopefully going to Madame Tussaudes (Probably spelt that wrong!) and then just pottering round hyde park, covent garden etc. If you want somewhere different try Fire and Stone it's in covent garden and is amazing! http://fireandstone.com/

  3. Oooh sounds fun! I love the blue cockrell! Haven't been to London zoo since I was about 11 despite the fact I worked v near there x