Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Down on the allotment

This is the current state of our allotment:


I know, it's a work in progress...(we've had it for nearly 9 years - it's been a work in progress all along.  We'll get there one day).

There's more going on than at first glance if you look closely:

Here we see a first early potato poking its head above the surface...

These will be lovely in a salad come the summer.

A recently planted onion.

We usually grow enough to keep us going well into the winter.

Strawberries starting to flower.

Plenty of rhubarb.

Makes a lovely crumble, and I even made some rhubarb wine a couple of years ago.

I love spending time on the allotment, a bit of digging for exercise (who needs a gym membership?!!), watching the fruit and vegetables progress as the year goes on, and the pleasure of bringing home your own produce for tea!!

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  1. Mmmmmm!!!! Rhubarb.... i'm excited as I've got a small fig tree from my Grandad's and my mum started off raspberries and strawberries for me which she gave me today. And yes, who needs to pay for exercise! I walk 3 miles a day so that's mine (apart from lindy!) X