Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Anyone want a mountain?

According to BBC News, Blencathra has been put up for sale by the Earl of Lonsdale.

Apparently the Earl is facing a tax bill of £9 million, and is hoping to raise some of the necessary with this sale.

Firstly, the Earl is to be applauded for a) accepting his tax bill and not trying to wriggle out of it, and b) taking this decision as opposed to evicting tenant farmers etc.

Along with the mountain, you get:

  • grazing rights for 5,471 ewes, 732 hoggs [young sheep] and 200 lambs
  • the right to use the title Lord of the Manor of Threlkeld
  • the right to apply for your own coat of arms
  • Oh, and thousands of people walking on and around the area every year.
All this is just a snip at £1.75 million.

Maybe if we all club together......


  1. I have my own mountain already thankyou. It is called Laundry!!