Thursday, 1 May 2014


The third (and possibly final) series of this BBC2 comedy came to an end this week.

Co-written by and starring Tom Hollander as Rev. Adam Smallbone, the series charts the life of an inner-city vicar and his small but faithful congregation.

Over the last few episodes, we have seen Adam go through somewhat of a crisis, as the potential closure of his church, the repercussions of a kiss with the local school headmistress and subsequent investigation led him to question his faith, his relationships, and everything around him.

In the penultimate episode, things came to a head Adam tendered his resignation from the ministry.  There were some heavy-handed metaphors along the way, including the troubled Colin (one of the most faithful of his congregation) denying knowing Adam 3 times in quick succession before the burglar alarm at a nearby fried chicken restaurant went off, and the local bishop exonerating him at the end of the above mentioned investigation followed by a close up of him washing his hands.

Adam then carried a cross through the night time streets (it makes sense in context) before stumbling and suffering hallucinations of his congregation, wife etc, before meeting a stranger who gave him the advice and support he needed.  We then saw the church cleared out, boarded up and plunged into darkness.

The final episode saw Adam decide to become a management consultant, and attending an unsuccessful interview before suffering a breakdown.  There was some bad language along the way, which, whilst not always helpful, I felt was justified in this instance in showing how desperate Adam had become.

A poignant scene showed Adam in bed, tearfully reciting the beatitudes, while those near and dear to him offered up their prayers, mostly trying to justify themselves and their actions before God (haven't we all done that at least once?).

In the end, Adam's wife Alex persuades him to come down to his old church, where his old congregation, Area Dean and others are waiting for him.

They perform an Easter day vigil outside, before breaking into the church for a candlelit christening of Adam & Alex's year old daughter.

Whilst there may not be another series, we were left with a feeling of hope for Adam, that whilst a chapter of his life may be ending, his faith is intact, and he has a future ahead of him.

It's been a great series - well worth checking out if you've not already seen it.

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  1. I am two episodes behind. Some catching up to do before I feel able to comment!!