Monday, 26 May 2014

What do you call a room with lots of books?

Here is a pile of books:

 Here is another pile of books:

 Some more books:

A few more:

 Oh look, more books:

As you may have worked out by now, I like books!

A while ago, we went to a National Trust property with our little niece.  We were getting to identify each room as we went round.  Dining rooms, bedrooms etc were easy, but when we came to the library, she was puzzled (she thinks of a library as somewhere she goes to, not as a room in a house). 

Attempting to give her a prompt, my wife asked her "what do you call somewhere with a lot of books?".

She thought for a moment, and then answered "Uncle Gary's room."!!!

Perhaps I need to have a sort out!


  1. She's a bright child, that niece of yours !!

  2. Ha ha!!!!! I was helping some friends unpack books from moving house on Saturday and they've got at least 6000 books!!!