Friday, 23 May 2014

Who'd want to be a painter man?

We've spent a few days doing some outdoor painting jobs:

Freshly painted shed.

 Newly painted fence.

Some of the plants ended up a different colour.

We then decided to re-paint our garden furniture - we underestimated how bright the colour we'd chosen was!
I bet Kezzie's got an outfit to match it!!

Of course, whilst painting the furniture, we ended up with some attractive bluegrass.

 Sorry, I meant some attractive blue grass.

It's been hard work for a couple of days, but well worth it - not just in terms of getting the jobs done, but also being able to spend some time together - we both have busy lives, so taking a couple of days to do some jobs together has been rewarding.

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  1. Ha ha, you're right, I do!!!!! I very much like that colour!!!! Well done on getting jobs done and enjoying each other's company!