Saturday, 14 June 2014

Charities and politics

Oxfam has found itself at the centre of a controversy - apparently listing the reasons why people are below the poverty line in the UK is tantamount to treason.

And it's not just Oxfam - the Trussell Trust has allegedly been warned that "the government might try to shut them down" because of their campaigning.

People and organisations campaigning around the subject of poverty, whether in the UK or overseas, will always have a political aspect to their campaigns.  For the government to react with threats and fits of pique merely shows them to be more interested in their own self image than in providing help to those who need it.

The Trussell Trust fed over 900,000 people in 2013/14, including over 330,000 children.

Oxfam works hard to help those in poverty in the UK.

Both the charities mentioned above do fantastic work providing help and support to those in need, and if part of that work means raising awareness of the reasons why people are in poverty, then why should that be a problem?

If their campaigning hits a nerve with those in power, then it can be said to have worked. An appropriate response would be to do something about the causes of poverty, not to throw their toys out of their pram.

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