Friday, 27 June 2014

It's goodnight from me...

UKTV Gold (or whatever it's called at the moment) have been showing The Two Ronnies Sketchbook over the last few nights.

I loved The Two Ronnies when I was younger - gentle humour, occasionally a bit "fruity" but never crossing the line.
Some of the wordplay in the monologues written by Ronnie Barker (under the pseudonym Gerald Wiley) is as clever as anything written today, whilst Ronnie Corbett's chair monologues were and are the stuff of legend.

I remember when they used to be on Friday nights - starting with "20 years of the Two Ronnies" - next year there was "21 years", and so on for the next few years.

The serials running throughout each series were well-written - including "The Worm That Turned" - set in a future where women are in charge, and my favourite, the wonderfully silly "Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town" ("Written by Spike Milligan and a gentleman" as the credits always put it).

A particular highlight was the musical number that closed each show - sometimes Messrs B & C would be members of a brass band, handbell ringers, ballroom dancers (with Ronnie C in ballgown), or Morris Dancers to name but a few.

Watching these has brought back so many memories, and allowed people to appreciate once again the humour of this duo.  I know Ronnie Barker left us a few years ago, but surely the time has come to hear "Arise Sir Ronnie Corbett"?

...and it's goodnight from him!

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  1. Oh I ADORED them! So funny! Yes, I second that knighthood!x