Thursday, 10 July 2014

A Cabbie Abroad

Been an interesting series, this.  Following the adventures of London cabbie Mason McQueen as he drives taxis in various cities around the world.  This week's episode saw him driving around Fiji, learning about the culture of the country as he goes.

The programme revealed that behind its reputation as a tourist paradise lies a dark underbelly.  Following a military coup in 2006, there are reports of human rights abuses, with Human Rights Watch reporting  a history of arbitrarily arresting and detaining human rights defenders, trade union leaders, journalists, and others perceived to be critical of the Government.

As an example, in November 2013, 14 people wearing t-shirts attacking the government were arrested. Think about that for a moment - arrested for wearing the wrong t-shirt.

Whilst the current Fijian leader has announced that elections will take place in September of this year, Amnesty International reports that journalists are being harrassed by the current dictatorship.

Please pray for Fiji, that the elections are fair and free, and that a democratically elected government can restore the country.

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