Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Camping Gaz

No, I'm not going into advertising.

But I have just have had a great weekend's camping.  I went with a few friends to mark my upcoming 40th birthday (not until next month - hanging on to my 30s by my fingernails!!).

I booked a nice campsite in Greetham, near Rutland Water, and we were all set for a nice weekend.  Then, rather fortuitously, one of my friends discovered that there was a beer festival being held in Oakham that weekend.

So, with our plans amended to include this event, we arrived on Friday evening - the rain just stopping in time for us to pitch our tents.

The view from our campsite

We went for a meal in a nearby pub on Friday, then got up on Saturday ready for a days walking, along with suitable refreshment.

We left the campsite, and walked down to the nearby village of Exton, where we found a fantastic pub, complete with old-fashioned lamp over the door:

Arriving in Oakham early afternoon, we spent a pleasant few hours sampling some fine beers, before catching the bus back to the campsite, lighting the barbecue, and spending the evening in good company.

Sunday, we watched caravans being towed round the campsite by a tractor

before packing up and heading home.

A fantastic weekend.


  1. could i just point out that as you have posted this on the 1st of July your birthday is THIS month not NEXT month :) just thought you'd like that reminder!! also did it convince you to venture into the world of caravans? :P

  2. I wrote it yesterday evening, when it was still June!!
    We've never really thought about caravanning - we're happy under canvas :-)