Tuesday, 29 July 2014

One door for the rich.....

I was disturbed to read this article in the Guardian revealing that housing developments in London and other major cities round the world are segregating less well off tenants by making them use a separate entrance, presumably so that their favoured well off tenants don't have to mix with the social housing tenants that developers are forced to include in order to gain planning permission.

One developer said - "Affordable tenants will not have use of the main private residential entrance, private courtyard gardens or basement car and cycle parking. Services including postal delivery and refuse storage are also divided."

Err - what now?  How do you divide postal delivery?  Do the well off tenants have gold plated bins?

Yet another example of money being considered more important than people.  Got money? You can have private gardens, basement parking, and some kind of special postal delivery.  Less well off?  Round the back for you - don't expect to feel like someone we actually want in our homes.  Disgraceful attitudes - and shame on councils for allowing this through the planning process.

Are developers so annoyed about having to provide affordable housing?  I know from my own experience on council development committees that many developers will try to wriggle out of providing affordable housing - they don't make as much money on them you see, and they can't be expected to make a bit less profit to provide less well off people with affordable homes.

I wonder how these developers would like it if they fell on hard times, and ended up having to use the "poor doors" that they insisted on having in their developments?

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