Friday, 11 July 2014

Strike report

I was on the picket line at about 7.00 yesterday morning:

At least we had sunshine!!
Some people did go into work, we mostly exchanged friendly banter as they went in - not everybody is a member of the union, and of course, they have every right to go into work - the point of a picket line is to raise awareness of our dispute, and to persuade people not to go in if possible, picket lines are not allowed to use intimidating tactics.

There were good turn outs across the country, my union PCS reporting large numbers not going into work, whilst the BBC reported large numbers striking from all unions.

A common complaint is that services are affected by striking workers.  No union member takes pleasure in striking, and we are all well aware of the impact of our action, however, when the government refuses to negotiate over pay, we are left with no other course of action to try and get them to listen.

Further strikes were being mentioned, however my wish is that we can get a decent pay settlement, and a living wage for everyone, without having to resort to further action.

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  1. Well done you! My union didn't strike (NASUWT). And now the government are trying to make it so you can't strike on a roll-out programme or something. They are so unfair, since they got 11% raise themselves!x