Monday, 21 July 2014

The mystery of the missing suitcase

I've just been on holiday in Ireland for a week (of which more anon).  We flew back into Birmingham Airport from Shannon on Saturday evening, to find that only 3 of our 4 suitcases had made the trip across with us.

Where could the other one be?  There was a flight leaving Shannon for Paris not long before our flight, was our intrepid case currently going round and round on a carousel in Charles De Gaulle Airport?  Or had it decided to see the world, and hopped on a transatlantic flight, and was en route to Los Angeles, New York, or some other American city?

After attempting to get some assistance from a most unhelpful man at Birmingham "I suppose I could have a look and see, but you'll have to pay for extra parking if you go over your time" (we didn't have to pay any extra in the end), they took our details and said that they would deliver the case to us when they found it.  They didn't give any indication as to when that might be - they couldn't even tell us if the case had arrived at Birmingham, or was still at Shannon.

Anyway, on returning from church on Sunday, we found a note put through our door to say that our case had been delivered - a neighbour had kindly taken it in for us.

I don't suppose we will ever find out for sure, but I suspect it was unloaded incorrectly at Birmingham, and ended up on the wrong carousel.

At least it got here fairly quickly - all's well that ends well.

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