Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Why I'm striking on July 10th

On July 10th my union, PCS, along with GMB, NUT, Unite, FBU and Unison are striking to send a message to the government that we need a pay rise.

Public sector pay has been frozen since 2010, yet prices continue to rise:

  • 11% rise in the cost of running a car
  • 16% rise in the cost of food
  • 22% average electricity bill rise
  • 7% average gas bill rise

These price rises mean that a pay freeze is a real terms pay cut.

Enough is enough.  People cannot be expected to live on less and less each year.

It is disappointing to read on Twitter people calling for “all financial support” to be removed from striking workers, basically wanting any striking workers to be put into absolute poverty.  Those that talk about Public Sector workers being given taxpayers’ money forget that we pay taxes too.

Many people working in the private sector say that they are dissatisfied with their pay, terms and conditions.  To those people I say – join a union.  Organise.  Fight for improvements.

Whilst Public & Private sector workers argue over their respective positions, whilst divisive appraisal systems pit Public Sector workers against one another, whilst people are too afraid to stand up for a decent standard of living, nothing will change.

Things will only change when we all stand together, and send a firm message to those in power that we are not prepared to be exploited any longer.

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  1. It's disgraceful that people on Twitter said that! The thing is, if it was them, they'd be outraged too!x