Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Government minister resigns - can't afford to live on his salary.

Tory MP Mark Simmonds has announced his resignation as a government minister, and his intention to stand down as an MP as the next election.

His reason?  A salary of £89,435, plus housing allowance of £27,875 is not enough to enjoy sufficient quality of life.

That gives a total of £117,310 per year.  With the minimum wage currently at £6.31 per hour, a person would have to work for 18,591 hours, which amounts to 464.75 weeks at 40 hours per week, to earn the same.

If that's not enough, surely the £25,000 his wife was paid as his Office Manager and the £50,000 he was paid as a strategic adviser to a private healthcare company would have kept the wolf from the door? Apparently not.

This from the representative of a party who encourage the use of zero hours contracts, giving people no guaranteed income whatsoever - but if you don't agree to it, you can't claim any benefits.

This from the same party as Iain "I can live on £53 a week" Duncan Smith

In Boston, part of the constituency Mr Simmonds purports to represent, the Office of National Statistics gives a figure of 17% for "All People of Working Age Claiming a Key Benefit", as opposed to 15% for England as a whole.  Other figures make similarly grim reading.  I'm sure they will be very sympathetic to his plight.

Many people do not earn in a year what Mr Simmonds gets as housing allowance.

Yet another example of the words "we're all in this together" having a very hollow ring.

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  1. It's pretty Amazing isn't it. I count myself as very lucky having my job and yet my husband (also teacher)and I can't afford to buy a house where we live yet we still count ourselves as fortunate compared to many others, and are glad to be able to affird to rent a house. Surely he could do the same!