Friday, 29 August 2014

Greatest guitar riffs

Over the last few months, BBC Radio 2 has been conducting a survey of the 100 greatest guitar riffs of all time.

The final countdown was broadcast on Bank Holiday Monday just gone, and being a fan of great guitar music, I listened intently.

There certainly were some fantastic riffs in the selection, from the hard rock of Metallica (Enter Sandman) to the blues of Muddy Waters (Mannish Boy), from the prog of Focus (Hocus Pocus) to the indie of Ocean Colour Scene (The Riverboat Song) - classic tracks all.

My favourite rock band Pink Floyd were voted into 10th place with Money from the album Dark Side Of The Moon.  Members of my congregation may know that riff - I often play it on bass as a warm up!!

Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water was at number 4 - a song well known round these parts as the Leicester Tigers' run-out music.

Finally, we got to number 1 - Led Zeppelin's Whole Lot Of Love.  I wonder how many votes it got as a result of being the theme to Top Of The Pops for so many years?

Anyway, listening to the countdown made an enjoyable backdrop to the bank holiday.

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