Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kenilworth Castle

We visited this English Heritage property over the weekend.

Built in the 12th century, the castle played host to various monarchs down the years, including Elizabeth I, and was home to the Earl of Leicester in the 1500s.

The castle has been partially restored by English Heritage, with some work still ongoing.

Approaching the castle

Former stables (now a display about the castle's history and a cafe)

 Another view of the castle.

Various pics of the gardens.

We spent just under 2 hours exploring the castle and grounds - well worth a visit.


  1. They have done lots of work restoring the gardens - I really must go and visit again. I lived in Kenilworth for 3 years when I was at Uni, so qualified for a Resident's Pass to go round the castle free, any time! In 1975 when I was there, they had huge celebrations marking the 400th anniversary of Elizabeth the First's visit. Thanks for bringing back good memories of my students days!!

  2. What a beautiful place! I'd love to visit!