Monday, 11 August 2014

Mega Makers holiday club

I spent a few days last week helping out at our church holiday club - the theme for this year was Mega Makers.

I used to help at holiday club at a church we used to go to, but that was many years ago, so I hadn't been involved in a holiday club for a long time.

The kids that came along loved it - plenty of shouting, singing, noisy games, and lots of craft activities for them do to, and things to make.

As well as helping with one of the groups, and being part of the music group, I was roped into the drama on a couple of occasions when someone was unavailable - I only had a few lines, so I slotted in OK, and was able to indulge my inner Olivier!!

Thursday night, we held a barbecue for parents to come along, and see what their children had been doing during the week - it was well attended, and we had plenty of positive comments from the parents about how much the kids had enjoyed coming along.

After the morning session, we held a further session for teenagers - Task Force - they did some other activities such as making a homeless shelter out of some old pallets and tarpaulin, getting them thinking about what it is like to be homeless.  On the Friday, we took them to a local care home, and we all spent a couple of hours gardening.  Some of them were a bit reluctant at first, but after a bit of cajoling, they all got on, and made an area that was getting a bit overgrown into a nice looking garden.

Yesterday morning, we held a special holiday club service to finish off the week, and to give our congregation an idea of what has been going on.  A great way to finish off the week.

Everyone worked really hard to make it happen, none more so than Bob & Ang, who have gone off to Norfolk for a well earned holiday!!

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  1. It sounds great! I used to love helping at Whizzbang, our Kids' mission but the new vicar at my old church didn't seem to like it, despite the fact we averaged 200 children a day, he wanted to try other things. A shame. X