Thursday, 21 August 2014

No more page three

I blogged about this campaign a while ago.

Simply put, it's to persuade David Dinsmore, the editor of the Sun newspaper to remove the picture of a topless woman from Page 3 of that newspaper. - No more page 3 website

I am happy to report that the online petition has reached a massive 200,000 signatures!! To put this into context, that's approximately 10 percent of the Sun's circulation.

Over recent months, the Sun has shown signs of being affected by the NMP3 campaign - for example, trying to give Page 3 a veneer of respectability with the "coppafeel" campaign encouraging women to regularly check their breasts.  This is without doubt a worthy cause, but does it need bare breasts to make the point? I say that it does not.

Also telling was the fact that the "giveaway" Sun sent to many homes for the start of the football world cup did not include a "Page 3 model".

It really is time for this feature to become a thing of the past - there is no justification for it anymore.

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