Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The day the raiders came

Most people remember Radio Caroline as one of the buccaneering pirate radio ships from the 1960s that changed the face of radio in the UK.  What is less well known is that the station continued, on and off, for many years after that.

The MV Ross Revenge - home of Radio Caroline from 1983 - 1990

It was on this day 25 years ago, Saturday 19th August 1989, that the British and Dutch authorities decided that enough was enough, and Caroline was to be shut down once and for all.

Authorities from both governments boarded the ship, shut down the transmitters, and removed nearly all broadcasting equipment - some audio of the raid here, with some more detailed reading here.

At the time, this was big news, being reported by TV, radio and newspapers - seemingly putting a final end to the spirit of the 1960s.

However, Caroline returned a few weeks later, and continues to this day as a satellite / internet station.

But for now, I'll pause to remember the events of 25 years ago.

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