Friday, 8 August 2014

Water into wine

Jesus famously turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana.

I find that I have to add some other ingredients and take a little more time before I can produce the same effect.

The basic wine recipe is actually quite simple -
3 lbs fruit
3 lbs sugar
4.5 l water

Put the fruit, water and sugar into a large sterilised bucket, and leave covered for about a week, stirring daily.
Strain out the fruit, and add 1 tsp of yeast.  Re-cover and leave for about a week, until fermentation slows.
Syphon into a sterilised demijohn, and seal with an airlock.  Leave until fermentation stops.
Add a campden tablet to completely stop fermentation, and syphon into another demijohn. Transfer into a clean demijohn about every couple of weeks until the wine clears.

Transfer into sterilised wine bottles, seal and drink (responsibly!).

So far, I've made:
Rhubarb (dry)
Parsnip (very sweet)
Pear (a little less sweet)
Plum (medium dry)
Blackcurrant (still clearing - not bottled yet)
Apricot (just started, still in fermentation bucket)

I enjoy making wine, and its good for when you fancy something different to drink - be warned though, homemade wine can be very potent!!

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  1. Parsnip wine sounds fun. It may be the only way I can persuade Bob of the use of this particular vegetable!