Monday, 20 October 2014


This grade II listed building, once home to Sydney Gimson, brother of Ernest, was acquired by the National Trust in 2013.

The house is constructed to match the contours of the surrounding hill, and as such the ground floor is actually on three levels!

The house also utilises the rocky outcrops around it, as seen in the staircase:

The Gimson family were well known as furniture designers, and some of their pieces can be seen in the house, such as this table in the main downstairs room:

And in the master bedroom:

There are some other interesting things in the house, such as this old radio:

And this other radio, with a record player and pile of records next to it (wonder if they've got any Pink Floyd?):

There are some wonderful views from the surrounding gardens, such as this photo I took looking across Leicestershire, with Old John in the distance:

The property also has a lovely little tea room in a converted barn:

A weathervane:

And apparently, a private residence for the local bats!!

The property is located in the north of Leicestershire, and is well worth a visit - more details here.

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