Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Great British Bake Off

The most recent series of the Great British Bake off finished this week – it’s been a real roller-coaster ride.

We had the drama of Bingate – where it seemed like the whole nation ground to a halt because someone left some ice cream out of a freezer – leading to the #justice4ian twitter hashtag!!  All good fun, and nice to see Ian and Diana laughing and joking with each other on “An Extra Slice” this week.

We’ve seen the usual spectacular bakes, from Enwezor’s Moon Scene to Luis’s cocktail donuts.

17 year old Martha Collinson was the youngest eve contestant, and stood alongside the best of them, also sharing her Christian faith in various interviews during the series.

Going into this week’s final, Richard was in pole position, having been declared star baker on a record-breaking 5 occasions throughout the series, however, things didn’t go exactly to plan….

Richard struggled in the signature challenge – his pain au chocolat and pain au lait drawing criticism from the judges, whilst his tartes au citron in the techincal challenge was described as “lemon flavoured scrambled eggs”.

The other two finalists, Luis and Nancy fared better, with the judges saying that it was between those two as we went into the second day.

The final showstopper challenge was a piece montee, which had to incorporate sponge cake, choux pastry, and sugar work amongst other things.

Both Richard and Nancy chose a windmill theme, with Nancy’s being a tribute to the Moulin Rouge, whilst Luis paid homage to his home town of Poynton with a coal mine theme.

As the challenge progressed, all three finalists were busy baking, shaping, assembling, and in a couple of cases, repairing – work continuing until the very last second of the allocated five hours.

All three showstoppers were warmly praised by the judges, had Richard done enough to redeem himself?

The winner was announced at a garden party for all the contestants and their friends and families, and after a pause to build up the tension (a staple of these sort of shows), Nancy went into shock as she was announced the winner.

It’s been a fantastic series, now, I must learn how to improve my baking…..

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