Thursday, 2 October 2014

Which meat to eat?

Interesting article on the BBC website today about why some meats are seemingly "normal", whilst others are considered more unusual.

Most meat eaters eat chicken, lamb, pork and beef on a regular basis, whilst things like rabbit, goat etc are less common.

I'm not sure why this should be - we often pick up a rabbit from our local farmers' market - makes a lovely stew.  We can often find goat at Leicester Market, and make curried goat.

I've never (knowingly) eaten horse, but I wouldn't have a problem with doing so.

During, and just after, World War II rabbit was a common food - witness songs such as Run, Rabbit, Run - it could be easily trapped in the woods etc, and supplemented peoples rations.  When rationing stopped, rabbit, hare and similar hunted game fell out of favour, and is now more of a "niche" foods.

Same goes for offal - we all have memories of being served liver for school dinners that was more suitable for re-soling shoes, but properly prepared liver, kidneys and various other offal can be delicious.

What would persuade you to eat some of these more unusual things?

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  1. I confess, I really dislike offal- my Mum used to use liver in things as a child and i don't like it but rabbit is tasty!!! I had an amazing rabbit in mustard sauce in France and I really enjoyed it! So tender and tasty! I love rabbits as pets but I also don't mind eating it! Same with chickens, we had them as pets!
    I used to eat Goat satay in Bali, it was tasty.
    Not had horse. Don't know how I feel about horse! Not been offered it!