Saturday, 22 November 2014

A BAFTA for Bagpuss

Well, not quite, but Peter Firmin, the co-creator of Bagpuss, The Clangers and many other animated children's programmes is to be honoured with a special award at the Children's BAFTAs tomorrow.

I used to love Bagpuss when I was little.  The mice on their "mouse organ", Professor Yaffle, Gabriel the Toad, Madeline the rag doll, and of course saggy old cloth cat Bagpuss himself came to life each week to repair or restore some mysterious object.

My favourite episode was the one where the mice claimed they could make chocolate biscuits out of butterbeans and breadcrumbs - it turned out that they were just rolling one chocolate biscuit round and round their machine.  (What would they have done if the biscuit broke?)

Only 13 episodes were ever made, repeated over and over since 1974 (which means I'm as old as Bagpuss!), and loved by successive generations of children.

The other co-creator, Oliver Postgate, passed away a few years ago, but it's wonderful to see Firmin honoured for the contribution he made to children's television, and for the many hours of innocent pleasure his programmes provided.

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