Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Pause In Advent (1)

For this year's PIA , I thought I'd use as my inspiration each week something that is associated with Christmas, and meditate around it.  My posts may end up being a bit stream-of-consciousness, but I hope people like them.

To begin with:

The Christmas tree:

A tree can be a sign of growth - how much have we grown spiritually over the last year?

A tree puts down firm roots - are our spiritual roots still firm?

We decorate our Christmas trees with baubles, tinsel, lights etc.  They look fantastic, and they shine out in the darkness - do we shine out attractively to illuminate this dark world?

If you have an artificial tree (we do), it goes back in its box after Christmas, and is put away for another year - does our faith stay on display throughout they year, or are there times when it gets packed away in a box?

Every year, Norway sends a Christmas tree to London, to be put in Trafalgar Square, as a token of gratitude for our support during World War II - how do we show our gratitude for the support that God gives to us?

This Advent, let's think about all that the Christmas tree symbolises, and carry those thoughts through Christmas, and into the New Year.


  1. Really fantastic thoughts on this!!

  2. We are not putting up a treee this year - too complicated what with spending Christmas week in Norfolk and then packing to move straight after. So I guess my faith will have to shine Very brightly this Advent!

  3. Lots to think about there, thanks

  4. This year I am going with multiple trees to make up for the recent years where it was too much bother to even bother putting one up. And as I do it I will ponder your questions and think about how they reflect on me.

  5. Some insightful questions indeed, will need time to mull them over.

  6. Whatca ulous questions! I am taking the first two away to ponder in my heart x

  7. interesting thoughts- thank you.