Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Strictly Round-Up

We are now 6 weeks into Strictly Come Dancing, the performances have ranged from the good (Jake Wood), to the bad (Judy Murray) to the downright excruciating (Scott Mills).

In between, there’s been some good stuff – Alison is having fun and enjoying herself, Mark has been a revelation, and Steve has been good too.

There’s been a couple of shocks so far – didn’t expect Thom to go out so early for example.

Also, this is the first series without Sir Bruce Forsythe at the helm – Tess Daly & Claudia Winkleman are working well together, with the interviews up in the “Clauditorium” being entertaining.

Zoe Ball on It Takes Two – the nightly review show – continues to entertain, bringing her effervescence to the fore, clearly loving her work.

I made a few predictions at the beginning of the series:

Greg Wallace & Tim Wonnacott will go out early.
Thom Evans will continue the tradition of rugby players doing well, will make quarter finals.
As said above, Jake Wood will be the dark horse.
Jennifer Gibley will do well, will be in the second half of the series.
At least one of Mark Wright, Frankie Bridge or Pixie Lott will be in the final.

Greg & Tim have both gone, so I got that right.
Thom went out a couple of weeks ago – got that wrong
Jake has been fantastic, so I’d say I got that right
Jennifer went out in week 3 – totally wrong.
Mark, Frankie & Pixie are all still in it – that prediction is still on course.

Bit of a mixed bag!  I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

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