Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Pause In Advent (3)

This week, I'm looking at:

The Christmas card.

We send these to our friends and family, and to people we don't often see, as a way of keeping in touch.

Some people put letters in them, giving news of what their family has been up to during the year.

Most people display them, they become part of the Christmas decorations.

During Advent, we remember the messages sent to people to announce the birth of Jesus.

From Gabriel telling Mary that she would bear the son of God, to the dream that warned the Magi not to go back to Herod, to the crowd of angels announcing Jesus' birth to the shepherds.  They are all forms of Christmas greeting from heaven to earth.

The season of Advent is a time of anticipation of the celebration of the baby that would grow up to be our saviour.

It's important that we send each other greetings at this time of year, but let's not forget to greet Jesus as we celebrate his birth.


  1. And Christmas greetings to you as well. Found you through Angela...

  2. Yes true! Sending you Christmas blessings x

  3. Indeed! I like viewing cards as a treat and a privilege instead of a duty. Snail mail is rare these days, right?
    I like your encouragement to greet the King. He is worthy of our devotion, our love, and our friendly greetings.

  4. So very true, we often don't thing about the greetings element of the cards and the sentiments behind it. With so many images of Christmas sometimes the reason for the celebration is lost, so well said!

  5. I'd never thought about this--remembering to greet Jesus! What a simple, yet profound idea!

    I have to say, I do love Christmas cards.

  6. Oh I really am a Scrooge this week! We haven't sent cards in a decade. I decided on an environmental soap box that we could no longer justify the waste, and now I think i just can't bear the thought of all the time and expense! I was, however, this week very touched when my atheist friends gave me a card with a Nativity scene!