Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Church Christmas Lunch

The young people helped put on a lunch for after the service on Sunday.

We had that most traditional of Christmas foods - jacket potatoes!!

Beans, Chilli, Chicken Korma and Beef Stew cooking away at 9.00 in the morning!

Abi, our youth worker preparing the potatoes.

Hannah made some lovely table decorations.

The young people had made some crackers the week before ready to go on the tables.

Another of Hannah's table decorations.

All cooked, and ready to eat.

Fiona and Shaun tucking in.

Everyone enjoying food and fellowship.

This was the message in the crackers.

The young people worked hard - Hannah and Emma clearing up plates afterwards, Grace helping with the washing up, and Cameron going round asking for donations towards the cost of the food.  We didn't make a charge, just asked people to donate as they were able.

Lots of people came into the kitchen to say thanks, and to tell us how much they'd enjoyed it.

It was good fun - if a little traumatic at times - we'll have to do it again (not for a while though)!!!


  1. It was really brilliant - the buzz of good conversation was worth all the effort. Big thanks to all the team - including you and Fiona - for all the hard work.

  2. I agree totally with Bob's comments [because it is all true, and not just because he is my husband!!]