Saturday, 6 December 2014


We enjoy listening to this programme on Radio Leicester on Sunday mornings before we head off to church.

It's basically a treasure hunt around Leicestershire, with one presenter in the studio, and one intrepid presenter in the radio car, visiting various locations as guided by the solutions to cryptic clues set by their nemesis "the Dastardly Doctor".

Here's an example of one of the clues:

Slaughter before.
The open ocean…
and fashionable urban sub-culture.
Shoot bullets into a target.

The solution?
Slaughter = KILL =KIL
Before = BY (As in: ‘The meeting should be finished by 8.30’)
The open ocean = MAIN
fashionable urban sub-culture = STREET 
Shoot bullets into a target = PUMP (As in: ‘He was about to pump bullets into the car tyre’)
The clue was hidden on the pump on Main Street.

Hearing listeners attempts to solve the clues is fun, I've phoned in a couple of times.

Anyway, earlier this week there was a "Clueless Christmas Roadshow" at the Radio Leicester studios, we went along to join in the fun.

There were some clues to solve (I solved part of one), a question and answer session, and an opportunity to put faces to voices.

The programme itself is incredibly popular, and the roadshow was good fun.


  1. I love that sort of puzzle too - but sometimes they are quite obscure, if you do not understand the mindset of the guy setting the questions!