Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Reflections on a year of blogging

This has been my first full year of blogging - I started mostly writing about my music etc, but I gor into "wider" blogging when I took park in the Pause In Lent earlier this year.

Through that, I made some nice Blogfriends - Kezzie, Morgan and Pom Pom to name but three.

I've blogged about our garden painting project, the installation of bookcases in our spare room (and the attendant tidying up of books) and about my allotment through the seasons.

I've spoken about End Hunger Fast, No More Page 3, and other campaigns / causes that I support.

I've spoken about church life - our holiday club, and our Christmas events.

Other posts have been about various news stories that caught my eye - both serious and silly.

On occasion, I've got a bit political - blogs about the rise of food banks, and the attitudes of some politicians to social justice.

Holiday photos have formed the basis of many blogs - Ireland, Turkey and a couple of trips to London.

I've tried my hand at writing a weekly devotion - I'll try & get back into that in the new year.

And to round it all off, I've joined my fellow bloggers in A Pause In Advent.

It's been a good year - here's to more blogging in 2015.


  1. Looking forward to reading your 2015 posts- especially when I am living far away and cannot chat in person over after-church coffee!!

  2. It has been great getting to know you Gary, looking forward to more posts!