Thursday, 29 January 2015

Rumours of Page 3's demise are apparently much exaggerated

Last week, it appeared that the No More Page 3 campaign had seen their efforts come to fruition, as seemingly The Sun had dropped the feature, as reported here and here.

However, the pictures soon returned.

Comments from The Sun about having had a "mammary lapse" and tweets such as " The Sun 1 - NMP3 0" from The Sun's head of PR (quickly deleted) and comments elsewhere (including one about various media sources "looking silly - including The Sun's sister newspaper The Times?) showed that the newspaper was merely mocking the campaign.

However, the publicity created by the various conflicting stories enabled the campaign to increase their number of supporters - 16,000 new signatures being added to the petition in one day.

There was some humour around too - I liked the Mirror's own "page 3 birds" publicising the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch last weekend.

The people behind the No More Page 3 campaign have made it clear that they are not giving up - alongside The Sun's mocking has been much positive coverage - it's The Sun that ended up looking silly, not NMP3.

The campaign continues.

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  1. Oh no. What a horrid joke but glad it has garnered more support.