Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Why me?

(Imagine a gentle piano accompaniment)

Why me?
Why did you choose me?
Why now?
Why did you choose now?
What shall I do?
Where shall I go?
Where will you send me, Lord?

How will I know?           
How will you show me?                                     
When will I know?                                             
When will you show me?                       
Where will you lead?                                         
Where shall I follow?                                         
Where are we going to, Lord?                           

When we arrive,
What will we see there?
When we arrive,
Who else will be there?
When we arrive
What shall we do there?
What is our purpose there, Lord?

Will they accept us?
Will they reject us?
Will they love us?
Will they hate us?
Will they hear us?
Or will they turn away?

While we are there
Who will support us?
Will anyone care?
Or will they ignore us?
Will we stay there?
Is that the place for us?
What’s going to happen there, Lord?
Whatever life brings,     
We’re in this together,                           
The arrows and slings,  
We’ll face them together,                      
Though enemies try,     
To tear us asunder,       
We’ll stay together O Lord.                               

And on that last day,
When all this is over,
You’ll take me home,
You’ll take me to heaven,
And when we’re there,
Always and forever,
We’ll be together O Lord.


  1. WHat beautiful words Gary! Are they by you? Is there a tune too?x

    1. They are mine I've got a tune in mind, just need to find some way to write it down!