Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Pause In Lent (2)

My desire to become closer to God during Lent has started well.

Whilst praying earlier this week, I had a vision of Jesus shining out while on the cross - something like this:

(I toyed with the idea of drawing it, but I'm not very good, and it wouldn't have looked anything like this.)

I started thinking about this, and about how, if Jesus can shine out on the cross, we should all be able to shine out.  This thinking led me to write these lines:

Shining on the cross
Shining out under the most trying circumstances.
We are told to “take up our cross”
We can shine on our crosses
Shine even in our own trying circumstances
All of us
Shining out
Wherever we are
One small light each
Becoming many
Becoming a huge mass of light
Light, destroying darkness
All of us, destroying the powers of this dark world
As we shine
Shine on our crosses
Radiating God’s light whatever our circumstances
During our times of trial
God can still shine through
As I saw Jesus
On the cross.



  1. I cannot be at church today - so praying I will be a shining light in the place where I shall be spending my day. Great reflection, Gaz

  2. Wonderful, wise and inspiring words.