Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Pause In Lent (3)

I've been using a Lent devotional from Redeemer Presbyterian Church - some of the readings have been concentrating on stories about parents and children - for example:

Abraham & Isaac - where Abraham was obedient to God's call to offer Isaac as a sacrifice.
Hannah & Samuel - where Hannah promised her precious child to God.

Both these stories remind us that there was a greater Son to come - where Hannah gave her son to God, God gave his Son to us.

Where Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son was sufficient for God, when it came to sacrificing his own Son, God went all the way.

During Lent, we anticipate the death and ressurection of Jesus - let's remember the stories and prophesies throughout the Old Testament that Jesus came to fulfil.

(Oh, and by the way, did you know that Presbyterian is an anagram of "best in prayer"?)


  1. Yes, so true! A great son was coming.x

  2. and Presbyterians is an anagram of Britney Spears!

  3. Hi Gary!
    I love the story in Daniel where a fourth body was seen in the fire. Jesus always and forever. Thank you for your Pause. I hope you have a bright week.