Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Pause In Lent (6)

Today is Palm Sunday, when we mark Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem - crowds lining the streets, waving palm leaves, welcoming Him into the city.

As I've mentioned a few days ago, I witnessed the triumphant entry of a king into the city this week.

Whilst King Richard's entry was followed by yet more pomp and ceremony throughout the week culminating in a re-internment service at the cathedral, Jesus' week ended somewhat differently.

Also, much debate has taken place this week about King Richard's character - his alleged killing of the princes in the tower, his "usurping " of the throne of England etc.

Whatever the truth of these things, it is clear that King Richard had feet of clay.

Let's rejoice that our King doesn't have feet of clay, that He is without sin, and that He takes his rightful place at God's right hand, interceding for us daily.



  1. BRILLIANT post, Gary. I LOVE the comparison between seeing the fallible King Richard entering the city in a hearse, and the sinless King Jesus on the donkey.

  2. That is fabulous comparison!