Thursday, 26 March 2015

Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King

Well, I didn't see the King, but I did see his coffin.

I refer, of course, to King Richard III, whose bones were found in a Leicester car park in 2012, and who has been brought to his final resting place in Leicester Cathedral.

The events to commemorate his re-internment began last Sunday, as his coffin was taken to Bosworth, where he was killed in battle in 1485, and taken through Leicestershire to the cathedral.

I took this picture as the cortege went through Leicester Forest East:

After a service of compline at the cathedral which was televised on Channel 4, the King lay in repose from Monday to yesterday for people to file past the coffin and pay their respects.

Around 20,000 people took this opportunity, with the waiting time reaching 4 hours at its peak.

I went to the cathedral early yesterday morning, hoping to see the King before going to work.

I arrived just after 7.00, when the queue was already building:

As we made our way to the cathedral, we passed a statue of King Richard, decorated with white roses to symbolise his Yorkist roots:

After a relatively short wait of half an hour, I entered the cathedral and saw the coffin close up:

The covering features some local people, and some significant figures in the story of King Richard's discovery and re-burial.

The formal re-internment service takes place later this morning.

It's not every day you get to see the coffin of a medieval king!!

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  1. You have a fortunate geographical situation!