Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Blickling Estate

We visited this National Trust property during our Easter break in Norfolk.

Blickling Hall

 Formal gardens

Hyacinths, and many of them!!!

A view across the lake.

It being Easter, there was an "Easter egg trail" for children to follow - my niece was kept entertained by finding her way round the estate, answering questions about Lord Lothian, a former resident of Blickling - I learned a lot too! Leah handed in her completed trail quiz to be rewarded with an Easter egg.

Another great place to visit.


  1. We were at Blickling on Saturday 11th - my birthday treat! I hadnt been for 25 years, it was lovely to go back. I was chatting to a guide in the Library when she looked panic stricken - Is that man OK, kneeling on the ground there? Yes, I told her, its my husband- he is either praying or checking out books on the bottom shelf!!! [It was the latter]

  2. It does look nice, just saw Ang's post too!

  3. Blickling is beautiful. Last time I was there my Mum's choir was singing in the library, very atmospheric . There was a lovely wide window seat to sit on and listen.