Sunday, 12 April 2015

Local election campaign

As I've mentioned before, I sit on both my local Town & District councils.  Both councils are up for election this year, the nominations were announced on Friday.

On the Town Council, all the Labour candidates have been elected unopposed, meaning that I am back on the Town Council for another 4 years.

On the District Council, I'm standing in a 3 person ward - there are 3 Labour candidates, and 1 Conservative.  So, I've got a campaign to fight to hopefully get all 3 of us elected.  I did my first canvassing session on Thursday evening, which was reasonably successful - plenty of people saying that they'd vote for us.

And so the campaign proper begins - 4 weeks of door knocking, leaflet delivering, and hopefully getting our supporters out to elect me & my colleagues to the District Council.

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