Saturday, 27 June 2015

One Nation?

 David Cameron's recently formed Conservative government has declared itself a "one nation"  government - but what does that actually mean?

Is he going to govern for the sick, the disabled, the unemployed?  Does the much used phrase "hard working families" apply to the single mother working hard to bring up her children?

Or are some people more "one nation" than others?  The big companies avoiding tax - will they be brought into the one nation by being made to pay their fair share?

The unscrupulous employers who conveniently forget health & safety at work in favour of increasing profits, or who pay less than a fair wage, forcing their employees into benefits just to make ends meet - will they be made to bring their employees into the one nation?

Cameron has spoken about his faith on a number of occasions - will he turn to scripture for inspiration during his leadership:

“Leadership gains authority and respect when the voiceless poor are treated fairly.” Proverbs 29:14 (The Message Translation)

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