Monday, 22 June 2015


Some months ago, my good friend Ang asked me if I would help at her daughter's wedding.  Of course, I was only too happy to help.

Ang asked me & Fiona (another friend from church) if we would lead a team of young people from the church to be waiters / waitresses, help serve drinks etc.

So it was that on Saturday, Fiona and I, along with Hannah, Cameron & Grace arrived at Glenfield Memorial Hall to commence work, having just watched Steph & Mark's wonderful wedding ceremony.

We started by serving thirsty guests with their drinks - there was an open bar, & people chose whatever drink they wanted, there was beer, wine, a special cocktail and various soft drinks.

Of course, Hannah, Grace & Cameron, being young and innocent, weren't as familiar with the various types of alcoholic drinks as I am, but I soon had them up to speed!!

Everyone soon got their drinks and found their way to the tables for the dinner.  The caterer bought the food to us in the kitchen, and we took it out to the guests.  The food was a Turkish style buffet, with a few plates for each table, so everyone could help themselves.

We opened the bottles of prosecco for the toasts, and then got on with the washing up while the speeches got underway.

While everything else was happening, we had a chance to enjoy some of the food ourselves - very nice it was too.

During his speech, Mark warmly thanked us for our work (we had to be brought out of the kitchen to hear his kind words - we were up to our elbows in washing up at the time!).  Mark was grateful for our efforts - saying that although we barely knew him, it was great that we'd given up our Saturday night to help.

After the washing up was finished, things slowed down somewhat - I took the opportunity to take a team photo:

We even had the opportunity to hit the dancefloor for a while, before the guests started to leave, and the mammoth task of washing the glasses began.

It seemed that for every glass I washed up, at least 3 more appeared!  Nonetheless, we eventually got through them all, we helped to clear up the hall, before going home - eventually getting home at 1.00 on Sunday morning.

It was hard work, and we were all tired at the end of it, but it was good fun at the same time.  I was really pleasd to have been a part of Steph & Mark's big day, and to have helped to make it special for them.


  1. Gaz- you and the team were incredible - so many guests spoke to me about what great young people were serving them, and really appreciated their efforts. They worked so hard yet remained bright and cheerful to the end of the night. As Mark said, you barely know him and Steph - yet were willing to help make their day extra special. Bless you all for what you did - Bob and I will be forever grateful xx

  2. That's lovely you did that and I look forward to hearing more. I did washing up and serving at two friends' weddings back in my early 20's and yes, the glasses seem to breed!!!