Thursday, 16 July 2015

Day 2 - Carlisle to Lanercost (13 miles)

Quickly leaving Carlisle behind, we crossed the River Eden (and the M6), and headed back out into open countryside.

Carlisle Airport was visible in the distance as we continued our walk.

Lunchtime saw us make a short detour into the nearby village of Irthington, to find a pub - unfortunately, it had closed a couple of weeks previously.  Ah well, back onto the main path, and onto the village of Walton.

We found a fantastic cafe there - The Reading Room.  Wallpaper made from classic Penguin book covers, a complimentary bottle of water on each table, and some fantastic sandwiches.

Back onto the path, and some more walking saw us at Lanercost.

A visit to Lanercost Priory (of which more anon), and then to our accommodation for the night.

A view across the River Eden

28 miles done - 56 to go!


  1. Oooh, I'll have to pay that cafe a visit! I like Lanercost prior but it is where my Father in law started to begin his heart attack (ok now) so he doesn't like it anymore!x

  2. I LOVE that Penguin Library Wallpaper. I did once consider doing one wall of the Manse in Kirby with it - till I found it cost £70 a roll. Cafes ought to offer water automatically - it is good when they do.