Friday, 28 August 2015

Final Day - Heddon-On-The-Wall to Wallsend (14 miles)

(Thanks to @heddononthewall for the tweet after my last blog in the "Hadrian's Wall" series!!)

And so we came to the final leg of our Hadrian's Wall walk.  It was a beautiful day as we left Heddon, and headed towards Newcastle.

 First glimpse of the Tyne - you can just about make it out in the middle of this photo.

 Getting closer to Newcastle - the Angel Of The North in the distance.

We walked along the River Tyne into the centre of Newcastle - actually a nice part of the walk.  It reminded me a little of walking along the River Thames in the centre of London.

Coming out of the centre of Newcastle, the route took us through an industrial estate - not our favourite park of the walk.  We must have looked a bit strange walking through the estate in our walking gear and backpacks.  Then again, I suppose the people that work there are used to it!

After 84 miles, numerous pubs and teashops, walking through some beautiful countryside, crossing the Pennines, and seeing what's left of the wall itself, we arrived at Wallsend.

The stone that marks the beginning / end of the wall.

Our final night's accommodation was in Whitley Bay, so we hopped aboard the Metro, and arrived at our final B&B to celebrate our achievement, and think back over all that we had seen.

84 miles done - THE END!


  1. Hurrah!!! Well done!!! So did you do it in separate weekends or was it application in one go but broken up into weekly blog posts?

    1. We did it in one go, I blogged about it when I was able!